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Other things happened instead....

So I brought my stuff to be Masters cat I was determind to do petplay with him! But other things happened instead ;)


Maybe Master doesn't like me as his kitty? I dont know but i'm begining to regret it. Maybe I should wait awhile and see what happens? Bit I REALLY want him to pet me and play with me. In a naughty way!


No kitty?

I still haven't done anything with my Master. Although I have woren the ears for him. He smiles so he must like them. Maybe I gotta take control? Show him I want to do petplay? But I'm too shy and dont have much confidance in myself...


So being kitty?

So I havent done much Kitty/Cat playing with my Master. Im starting to get worried maybe he doesnt WANT me to be his Cat after all....?


Welcome to my Diary

So I decided to start a diary of my adventuers of a Cat in Training. I want to be the purrrfect Cat for my Master. I'm completely new at this so this should be interesting journey. =>w<=