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[sticky post] My Diary

So does anyone know what Cat PetPlay is? Me neither till the guy.... opps! Should call him Master. Told me about it after looking into it I REALLY wanted to give it a go. So I brought ears, collar and a tail. If you don’t know what kitty/Cat play is, its a type of pet play. Simply put it is when a person wants to be treated like a cat. I am talking about the whole shebang, drinking and eating from bowls off the floor, petting the kitty, and training the kitty. This is a process that will take some patience, time, and care. But what type of Cat/kitty does Master want me to be? A shy sweet kitty, an attention whore kitty, a feisty kitty, a cuddle kitty? So this Journal will contain 18+ stuff.


No more Kitty

So i recvied some bad new which I don't want to go into. I cant stop crying and my heart hurts badly i will no longer be Kitty unless something happens. Which I dont think it will. So my Diary will be put on hold. I might come back to it or may never who knows. Till we meet again.